In June 2020 Nicholas Co-Founded This Wild Idea with business partner, and long time friend, Colby McElrath. Nicholas is currently a Coach and CEO of This Wild Idea.


Nicholas Selway, Coach, CEO & Founder of This Wild Idea.

Nicholas Selway is an educator, businessperson, and leader. Nicholas studied music in college and really started to understand the power of community and the importance of listening. Nicholas applied this in his career in the classroom and the office and experienced the thrill and challenges of leadership.

Nicholas experienced a massive change in the year 2020. While faced with the incredible challenge that Covid-19 posed the world, Nicholas decided to become a master of circumstance and Co-Founded This Wild Idea with Colby.

What Nicholas Does

Nicholas is creating, supporting, and empowering Wild Ideas that have the potential to change the world. Nicholas harnesses creativity, love, and purpose to help his team and his clients.

Nicholas’s mission is to serve in powerful ways. His coaching focuses on his clients’ relationships with people, their relationships with work, their relationship with themselves, and creates opportunities for integration.

Colby believes that we hold limitless potential inside of us. He supports people in ‘finding their edge’ and living a self-actualized life full of love, laughter, and service.

Colby McElrath the Adventure Coach.

Colby McElrath is known as the Adventure Coach. Colby devoted his 20s to the mantra “Not all who wander are lost” while living in far out places like Boulder Colorado, BC Canada, and Melbourne Australia. Colby is passionate about conservation,  backpacking, and motorcycling. These hobbies have created many memorable situations! Colby is a pioneer and explorer and his journeys into the unknown have impacted Colby deeply in ways that help him to serve deeply. He has experienced the value of community, culture, and diversity, and has taken steps of radical inclusion to progress his movement of servant leadership, and restoring balance with nature. 

While living out of a backpack in the hostels of Costa Rica as well as living alone at outdoor youth camps in California, Colby has experienced what he calls “the ultimate feeling of being alone.” He uses deep understanding of the need for connection to nurture connections between people and their family, friends, lovers, and their connection to their environment.

What Colby Does

Colby McElrath is a Mental Fitness Coach living in Oceanside California with his wife Kylie and dog Koda. To Colby, mindset is everything. The right mindset can turn virtually any situation into an opportunity and gift. Colby has a creative and playful spirit, and he believes that the key to peak performance is through building good habits and maintaining a positive mindset. 

Colby believes deeply in the transformative power of overcoming the resistance that we experience in our lives through strengthening “mental muscles” and building a strong routine. Colby has committed to run a marathon in 2021, and is approaching this opportunity as a way to strengthen his mind using the principles of mental fitness.

With this powerful intern in your life support is guaranteed!

Elleigh Davis the Intern.

Elleigh Davis is the intern, instead of doing normal internet things like fetching coffee she is here to grow as a person and as a member of a team. Elleigh is currently a biology major at UCSC but in her free time she plans courses, helps with clients and keeps the team up and running. She enjoys reading, exercising, baking, painting and traveling. With the tools that her internship has taught her so far she hopes to find ways to help the environment as well as create more opportunities for students to grow outside of school. Elleigh will do her best to ensure that everyone’s experience with This Wild Idea is unique and empowering. Her goal is to help people support people and at this wild idea she gets to do just that!