Sir Richard Branson gets it. Tells New Zealand to grow cannabis instead of cows.

In a recent speech at a gala in New Zealand, Sir Richard Branson discussed some of his views on cannabis, politics, and the war on drugs. Elaborated on in a Newshub article, Sir Richard Branson discussed the war on drugs furtively,  saying “We’ve done a lot of studies on the war on drugs and it’s been an abject failure, and what is absolutely clear to us is that drugs should be decriminalised and people who have drug problems should be helped.”

Not only did Sir Richard Branson object to the war on drugs, but he made it clear that he believes it would be better environmentally and economically if New Zealand farmers made a transition from dairy farms to cannabis farms.

“You should legalize it, grow it, tax it, regulate it,”Sir Richard Branson told Newshub.

“I think that would be wonderful because obviously the amount of dairy cows that New Zealand has is damaging the rivers, if you could put some of that land over into growing cannabis would be just as profitable for them, if not more profitable,” he said.


These are big words coming from a highly successful businessman entrepreneur and visionary. There is great potential for global culture and economic paradigm shifts toward cannabis and hemp industries when the right visionaries are able to cooperate on shared goals. At This Wild Idea, we believe in community over competition, and product over profit!

-This Wild Idea




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